So, you have been enjoying your lease in Gladwin for the past couple of years. But your term appears to be drawing to a close. What is the next step you should take if you want to get the most out of your morning commute in Harrison, MI, or your latest adventures in Houghton Lake? Let our financing team help you with some great tips as you set out to enjoy your drive.

Trade it in

If your lease is up with your vehicle, then you have a few options at Hart Ford Lincoln to consider that will be available to you at your convenience. The first is the option to trade in your lease for one of our great new models if you feel like there were aspects of the previous lease you want to be changed. This means that you can have a couple of leases during your period with varying plans.

Return the Vehicle

Once your lease is completed in West Branch, MI, then you have the option to return it to our dealership in Roscommon, MI, and that's the end of your leasing journey. If you only needed a car for a set amount of time, this is a common option to end the lease and call it a day. We make it easy for you at the end with an inspection and overall return process.

Purchase your Leased Vehicle

It's not uncommon to grow attached to a particular vehicle while leasing it at our dealership near Gladwin. That's why we give you the option to purchase it at the end of the leasing period for an affordable price. You can take it home and never part ways as you choose to keep it, and we are happy to initiate the sales process.

Lease a Different Vehicle from us

If you want to lease another vehicle instead of the one you have, then we will allow you to get one that is more suitable for your purposes. At Hart Ford Lincoln, we strive to make you happy, and we are flexible in our approach to leasing different vehicles that match your preferences for the remainder of the lease. This also allows you to explore many different cars and gain a vast understanding of what's available on the market!

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