You Can Afford A Ford

To all who are thinking about buying a Ford, now is the best time to apply. With the specials and discounts currently happening at Hart Ford in Roscommon, your Ford ownership could be just a few clicks away. Ford financing has some of the most lenient terms on the market to help buyers get "keyed up" with their own set of new keys.

The finance team at Hart Ford wants you to be an informed customer in understanding how financing works. There are lease options that may provide a better alternative for some. Preferences, circumstances, and financial status are taken into consideration when Hart Ford's team of experts are hard at work behind the scenes. They work with traditional and non-traditional lenders, banks, finance companies, and other institutions around Gladwin and beyond to make car ownership on great terms a reality.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the Ford family, you can go to the website and fill out an application for credit in advance of your visit to Hart Ford. When you sit down with one of the team members, they will advise you of the Standard Purchase, Flex Buy and the Red Carpet Lease, and together you will come up with which is right for you and your family.

Hart Ford Welcomes Businesses, Too

If you own a business near Houghton Lake, and need to buy or rent a vehicle for your commercial needs, you have come to the right place. Ford offers you several ways to keep your business engine running with one of its finance options. In addition to retail financing, there is the red carpet lease, a commercial lease, a commercial line of credit, chassis financing, municipal financing, daily rental financing and combined billing.

We think it's safe to say that Ford wants to help you keep your business running by servicing all your transportation needs. And, Hart Ford's experienced finance team will be able to explain all these options to you in detail, and which route is best for your business needs.

Hart Ford wants you to be the next member of the Ford family for your personal or business transportation needs. So, go online, fill out the application, then make an appointment to come in. If you are a resident of, or business in, Harrison MI or West Branch MI, we look forward to getting you in and driving you out.