Looking to get your car's air conditioning repaired in preparation for the summer heat? Fear not, Hart Lincoln Ford Inc. can help! Our service team is prepared to assist Roscommon area drivers with nearly any and all your auto service needs! From repairing your air conditioning to repairing your brakes, struts, and shocks; Gladwin drivers can count on the Hart Ford Lincoln Inc. service team!

Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service near West Branch, MI

Whether your air conditioning isn't working as well as you'd like or it's completely broken, Roscommon drivers can look to Hart Ford Lincoln Inc. for assistance. Our seasoned service team is ready to get to the bottom of your air conditioning needs to ensure that your vehicle's air conditioning is repaired and prepared for the summer months!

AC Performance Check

There can a host of problems that lead to impaired air conditioning functionality! From loose rings and hoses to worn-out seals, our service team is ready to service your air conditioning so that your vehicle is capable of keeping your cooler when the Houghton Lake streets start to heat up.

Refrigerant Leaks Roscommon

Quite common, refrigerant leaks can result in an array of more involved vehicle problems if left unrepaired. Indeed, your refrigerant can damage various pieces of car equipment like your compressor or evaporator. Our team of professionals is ready to address your air conditioning needs head-on, so that you can get back on the road and on with your cooler life.

Air Conditioning Service Roscommon

Have a few questions about our service offerings? Want to schedule an appointment? West Branch, MI drivers can utilize our online service center to schedule an appointment and to view our full service menu!

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